• Site Safety Awareness
  • Basic Trade Knowledge
  • Maintenance / Commissioning / Project / Turn Around Experience Attitude and Ability to lead a Team / work Independently


Specific trade wise objective questions (15 nos.) & basic safety related questions (5 nos.)


Practical assessment will be conducted as per listed assessment criteria.

The Trade Assessment Process being followed for all Trades is as follows:

  • CV Screening - Qualification, Language Skills, Work Experience recorded – Not a factor in final score
  • Written Assessment – 20 Questions (Objective Type). (10 marks)
  • Oral Assessment – 6 Categories ranging from Safety to Trade Knowledge (30 marks)
  • Practical Assessment – 6 Categories ranging from Trade Skill to work environment awareness to Housekeeping Skills. (60 marks)
  • Interpersonal Skill is judged but is not a part of the final score

The above process is followed for all trade categories.

Kindly note that in each of the Assessment Sheets, under the Oral & Written Assessment, there are 6 different categories. As an example, under Oral Assessment, if the first category is Knowledge of Safety and PPE, the candidate is asked questions under that category only and is assessed based on his feedback and to the best of the Assessors judgment, the candidate is graded as Poor, Average, Good, Excellent. Each of these grades have a weight associated with it that leads to 30 points of 100 for Oral Assessment. Written Assessment is given 10 points and Practical Assessment is given 60 points.

The Individual Assessment Sheets should give you a fair idea on the assessment criteria for Each trade.

Specimen assessment criteria for a structural fitter

Knowledge of all types of structural sections / plates & awareness of various fittings and their usage.

Good understanding of 2D / Isometric drawings including structural / piping drawings.

Basic Knowledge of assembling / fitting

Basic Knowledge of structural fittings

Basic Knowledge of gas cutting / gas heating by oxy-acetylene.

Good Knowledge of various tools like jack, pry bar, hammer, saws, grinder etc.

Basic knowledge of rigging activity.

House Keeping


Overall Rating (Below Par, Average, Good, Excellent, Outstanding)

If the candidate is found to be below par in the category registered, Anuptech can arrange training in order to upgrade his skill, on client’s approval as per our training terms & conditions.

Anuptech will provide a certificate to each candidate upon successful clearance of his validation.


We also conduct trade tests in accordance with clients’ specific requirements. We can also provide Third Party Inspection and NDT Services, where required.

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